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Politics in Sleepytown

6 Nov

I wrote a little bit earlier today. Sat down and typed on the iPad during my daughter’s gymnastics class. Got derailed by a friendly mom who found we shared some legitimate parenting trials.

Sat down at my computer tonight, completely ready to ignore the whole election theater and just write. In Nate Silver I trust. My significant other had other plans (to watch the coverage on NBC! Get your mind out of the gutter.).

Now it’s a quarter to midnight, America makes marginal sense for another four years, and my 7-year-old boy has just come upstairs to say “hello”. I told him he could rest easy, Obama won. His look conveyed more bleary-eyed confusion than hope for humanity. He has his own wisdom.

Like asking me why I stay up so late after he goes to bed at 8:00. That one usually stumps me. Trying to finish this little post in the dark while he tries to fall back asleep in bed next to me, and I hope some of the things I do make sense some of the time.

Goodnight America. Sleep tight.