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Sometimes going insane is the only legitimate response

14 Nov

Well, we’ve pulled a hat trick on the inspection of our new house. That’s right, we got the mold, the asbestosĀ and the termites!

Oh – and the ancient, defective wiring, corroded plumbing, removed structural members, failing roof, numerous broken and missing window panes, collapsing garage wall…

But it’s in a nice location!


M.C.’s Revenge

10 Nov


John Palmer is getting back at me. Maybe you can only put your characters through so much before you start to internalize. We’re just nearing the corner, John! You’re about to become part of something bigger, join a group of like-minded friends! I think so, anyway. No guarantees, of course.

Let’s just say I feel like broke down ass today, and have, off and on, for the past few. What’s weird is that it’ so inconsistent. I thought I was all fine, for the third time. But there’s no whining in the blogosphere, so I’m shutting up now.

Be awesome to each other.

Behold! I am half minotaur, half man!

7 Nov

I don’t really have anything to write about tonight, but I came up with this joke earlier today and thought I’d open with it. I realize now that hardly describes what I have done here. My son was playing with some toy figures today and pulled out a bald eagle, proclaiming it a hipogriff. I immediately quipped, “It’s half-hipogriff, half eagle!” My dry, high-brow humor often goes unappreciated during playtime. Just like Bob Newhart.

My word count still suffers. I won’t go into details.

But did I tell you we’re selling our house? Yeah, we’re going to move across town, in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We thought it wise to use that half-hour lull between the holidays, rather than some other time when we were too busy.

Oh and I’m sick. Coughing a lot, feeling tired, getting sore. Probably the hantavirus.

But the abuse to my M.C. continues! Since joining the mole clan (not really, that’s just plain silly. They’re a cabal.) he’s been introduced to a couple of tough characters, both of whom hate him, and one agitated geek who likes him – but is about to electrocute him, mildly. For security reasons, of course. John (my M.C.) isn’t crazy about this, but figures it’s preferable to being abandoned in the maze of tunnels with no light, food, or Walkman.

The hoops you have to jump through to make friends in the future! It is a sad state of affairs. I’m thinking these grumps haven’t updated their Facebook status in weeks.

Will John pass the “friendship exam”? Or die trying? Or just be put into a vegetative state? All these questions and less will be answered – tomorrow!